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Girls Youth Teams - Season 2022-23

Thank you to SALT for sponsoring our Girls Youth Teams for the new season. 

This Season we have U11, U13, U15, U17 and U19 Teams.

Under 18 Girls. Season 2021-22.

April 29th - May 1st - South Florida Soccer Cup and Showcase - Under 11 Girls

Written by Tom Elliot. 

For the first time since the Covid 19 outbreak brought Travel to and from Cayman to a standstill, a Sunset F.C. Girls U11 team traveled to the South Florida Soccer Cup & Showcase to represent the club. Hosted by Pinecrest Premier Soccer Club, the tournament included teams from the Southeastern United States and internationally. The trip in itself was full of a number of firsts: the first time a team so young had traveled internationally, the first time our girls had played 9v9, the first time we were playing on a half field pitch, and the first time that the parents were required to travel along with the players. Nevertheless, despite these challenges we were optimistic that we could hold our own and give a good account for ourselves.  

Game 1: Sunset F.C. v ANPPS Parkland Soccer 

Our first game was against a very strong ANPPS Parkland Soccer Club. After a nervous opening few minutes, Sunset took the lead with some fantastic team play finished with composure from Scarleth. Parkland fought back and equalized with a powerful strike just before half. In the second half, both teams gave it their all in search of the winning goal with Parkland finding the net after some nice play. As the game wore on, Sunset pushed for an equalizer but were unfortunately caught on the counterattack with another powerful finish.  

Final Score: Sunset 1, Parkland 3 

Game 2: Sunset F.C. v Azzurri Storm Soccer 

With the first game nerves a thing of the past, the Sunset girls took control of their second game and applied relentless pressure from the start. As the half wore on, the pressure paid off and Abby Proud finished with composure after some lovely team play. With a score of 1-0 at halftime, the girls knew the game wasn’t over and a second goal was needed. Early in the second half, Azzurri were under continuous pressure but managed to win their first and only corner of the game. After a slight deflection, they were able to grab an equalizing goal with a powerful strike from the top of the box. As the game progressed, a Sunset winner looked like it was on the cards, but unfortunately, the game was called off due to a thunderstorm.  

Final Score: Sunset 1, Azzurri 1 

Game 3: Sunset F.C. v Davie United 

The girls knew this would be the most challenging game of the three, as Davie United had all but clinched our division after two convincing wins over Parkland and Azzurri. From the opening kickoff, Sunset put Davie under pressure as they searched for the opening goal. Davie were a very well drilled team and managed to keep us at bay with some strong defending. After much back and forth, Davie eventually found the back of the net with a beautiful long-distance shot. The Sunset girls continued to push for the equalizer but unfortunately could not apply the finishing touch to many great passages of play.  

Final Score: Sunset 0, Davie United 1 

The girls left the Pinecrest trip with an incredible sense of achievement, which the results don’t fairly reflect. Every team they played were full of praise for their ability to compete and adapt. The girls can hold their heads high knowing that they gave the eventual champions – Davie United - their closest game of the tournament.  

The Sunset girls and Coaches would like to thank Rawlinson & Hunter who sponsored the tour and provided our travel shirts and bags. Also a big thank you to the parents who agreed to travel with the team during such difficult times, and lastly, thanks to Sunset F.C. for providing the opportunity for such a great experience.  

For the 2021-22 season we have teams in the Under 11, Under 13, Under 15 and Under 18 CIFA leagues. 

U15 Girls.

U15 Girls League Results:

Sunset Fuerte 2-0 Fusion

Scorers: Coco and Clara

Sunset Luz 1-0 345 FC 

Scorer: Reese

Sunset Fuerte 6-0

Scorers: Coco 3, Kaija, Kiara, Julianne

Sunset Luz 2-2 345 FC

Scorers: Lauren and Abi

U15 Girls

FA Cup

Sunset Fuerte 0-0 345 FC

Sunset won on Pens.

Rio, Coco, Julieanne, Taegan

Noami saved 2 Pens

Sunset Luz 4-0 Academy 

Scorers: Cayden 2, Abi and Ashlyn

Sunset Fuerte 6-1 345 Putellas

Scorers: Coco, Taegan, Kiara, Shar, Julianne 2.

U15 Girls

U18 Girls Results:

Sunset FC (1)6-0 Academy

Scorers: Lexi 3, Ashlyn E, Taegan, Sofia

Sunset FC (2) 14-1 Scholars

Scorers: Kalie 2, Molly 2, Evie 2, Abi 2, Ashlyn C 2, Zahra, Gwen, Amiah, Kayla.

Sunset FC (1) 9-1 Sunset FC (2)

Scorers: Sunset (1) Rio 3, Sofia 2, Taegan, Vicky, Lexie 2

Sunset (2) Evie.

Sunset FC (1) 3-0 Scholars 

Forfeit Game by Scholars

Sunset FC (2) 6-0 Academy

Scorers: Molly 3, Cayden 2, Kalie

Sunset Star U12's 2020-21 Season.

Sunset Blazers U12's. 2020-21 League Champions !!!!

U12 's Results: Sunset Aces Team above:

1. Sunset Blazers 6-1 Sunset Aces

2. Sunset Stars 6-2 Sunset Aces 2

3. Sunset Stars 0-2 Roma 2

4. Sunset Blazers 7-2 Sunset Stars 

5. Sunset Aces 6-0 Roma (Kaylee 2, Imogen 2, Mina and OG)

6. Sunset Aces 5-3 Academy(Mina 2, Imogen, Kaija, Kaylee

7. Sunset Blazers 1-0 Fusion (Marley)

8. Sunset Blazers 4-4 Sunset Aces (Reese 2, Maria, Coco / Lindsay 2, Kaylee, Kaija.

9. Sunset Blazers 4-0 Sunset Stars (Clara, Maria, Sashka 2)

10. Sunset Blazers 1-3 Fusion (Sienna)

11. Sunset Stars 6-2 Sunset Aces (Kaia 4, Asia and Tessa) (Mina 2)

12. Sunset Blazers 2-1 Fusion (Marley and Clara)

U14's Results:

Sunset 2-2 345 FC (Marley and Coco)

Sunset 3-0 Roma (Forfeit)

Sunset 0-2 Fusion

Sunset 1-0 Academy (Coco)

Sunset 7-0 GTSC (Emily, Rio, Emmy, Lauren, Darby, Jordyn 2)

Sunset 8-0 Roma (Coco 2, Ashlyn C 2, Rio, Clara, Cyanne, Abi)

FA Cup - Sunset 3-0 GTSC (Lauren, Emily, Ashlyn C. )

Under 11 Girls are coached by Tom Elliot, Ian Lomas and Conrad Proud.

Under 13 Girls are coached by Gisela Gamba and Kingsley Joyner. 

Under 15 Girls are coached by Noel Kane, Gisela Gamba, and Jason Windsor.

Under 18 Girls are coached by Phil Thompson.

Under 10's coached by Tom Elliot and Ian Lomas. 

Sunset Rays 1-0 Sunset Sharks (Picture Above)

Sunset Sharks 5-0 345

Sunset Sharks 2-2 Roma

Sunset Sharks 4-0 Elite

Sunset Rays 3-0 345

Sunset Rays 0-4 Roma

Sunset Rays 4-0 Scholars

Under 16 Girls. League Winners 2021 - Champions!!

Sunset 10-0 Elite (Kalie 4, Ashlyn 3, Emily 2, Abi)

Sunset 4-2 Academy ( Ashlyn 2, Cayden, Kayla)

Sunset 6-3 Elite (Lexi 2, Rio 2, Emily W 2)

Academy 0-9 Sunset (Lexi 3, Emily 2, Rio, Cayden, Evie, Ashlyn E)

Academy 1-1 Sunset 1(Clara D)

Sunset v Elite.

FA CUP CHAMPIONS 2021!- Sunset 9-1 Elite (Lexi 4, Evie 2, Cayden, Emily, Kalie) Well done to all the Squad and Coaches GG and Phil!

2021: Under 18 Squad  - League Winners - Champions 2021 - Congratulations!

Week 1 Sunset 18-0 Scholars (Kalie 4, Chloe 3, CC 3, Sofia, Harriet, Ashlyn, Shelby, Artemis, Shay)

Week 2 Sunset 3-0 Elite ( Lexi 2, Ashlyn)

Week 3 Sunset 7-0 Fusion (Ashlyn 3, Sofia 2, Jenna, Shay)

Week 4 FA Cup Sunset 12-1 Scholars (Molly 4, Rio 2, Shay, Sofia, Kayla 2, Riley, Ashlyn) 

Week 5 - Sunset 10-1 Academy (Molly 5, Ashlyn C 3, Jenna, Sofia)

Week 6 FA Cup Final Sunset v Elite 

FA Cup Winners 2021 beating Elite 6-1. Goals from Lexi 2, Chloe 2, Molly and Shay)


Cayman Under 20 Women's Team in the 3-2 win over St.Kitts and Nevis February 2020 featuring several Sunset players.

L-R Back Row: Shayanna Windsor, Tamoy Phillips, Lauren Scott, Serena Nelson, Alexia Bromfield, Riley Doyle, 

L-R Front Row: Molly Kehoe, Daniella Gourzong, Satiah Miller, Shannelle Bennett, Ethana Villabos

Under 11's Sunset Blazers from 2019-20 Season

Under 11's Sunset Stars from 2019-20 Season

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