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Women's Team

The New Season 2023-2024

2023-4 Presidents Cup Winners 

Sunset FC 2-0 Elite SC (AET) Scorers: Kinsey and Jada

League Game 1

v Scholars 3-0 Win

Scorers - Ava 2  and Ashlyn

President Cup 1/4 Finals.

v Latinos 19-0 Win

Scorers: Ava 6, Seleste 4, Jada 3, Milanna 2, Reese 2, Ashlyn 2.

League Game 2

v Latinos 3-0 Win / Forfeit as Latinos could not field a team.

League Game 3

v Academy 2-1 Win

Scorers: Taegan and Ava

League Game 4

v Fusion Sports 3-1 Win

Scorers: Clara, Alexia, Seleste

Presidents Cup Semi-Final.

v Scholars SC 3-0 Win

Scorers: Jada, Reese and Seleste.

League Game 5

v Future 15-0 Win

Ava 3, Marley, Seleste 2, Jada 6, Reese 2 and Emily

League Game 6

v Scholars 5-0 Win

Reese 2, Seleste 2, Clara

Presidents Cup Final 

v Elite SC 2-0 Win

Scorers: Kinsey and Jada

Fantastic Victory!!!!!

League Game 7

v Latinos 5-0 Win

Scorers: Seleste, Coco, Marley and Jada

FA Cup Round 1 

v Latinos 8-0 Win

Scorers: Ava 3, Seleste 3, Clara and Emily

League Game 8

The Season 2022-23

Sunset 6-1 Latinos

23rd November

Annex Field

Scorers: Ashlyn 2, Holly 1, Evie 3.

Sunset 2-2 Fusion

6th November

CIFA Field

Scorers: Holly and Allie.

Sunset 9-2 Academy

27th November

CIFA Field

Scorers: Holly 4, Alexia 3, Evie and Ashlyn

Sunset 0-0 Scholars

4th December

Ed Bush Field

Sunset 1-3 Elite 

11th December

Ed Bush Field

Scorer: Evie

Sunset 3-0 Latinos

15th January

Forfeited Game.

Sunset 1-3 Elite

President Cup Semi Final 

January 29th 

Scorer - Alexia B

Sunset 0-1 Fusion Sports Club 

February 5th 

Bodden Town Pitch

Sunset 4-1 Fusion

FA CUP - Prelim

5th March

Scorers: Alexia B 3, Rio W 1

Sunset 3-0 Scholars

March 12th 

CIFA Field.

Scorers: Ashlyn, Jada, Alexia

Sunset 0-6 Elite

March 19th

CIFA Field

Sunset 14-0 Latinos

March 26th 

CIFA Field 

Scorers: Alexia, Jada 5, Ashlyn 4, Clara, Evie 2, Kayla

Sunset 2-2 Fusion

26th April

CIFA Field

Scorers: C.Coles, A Evans

Sunset 0-0 Scholars

30th April

CIFA Field.

Sunset 2-4 Academy

3rd May

CIFA Field

Scorer K.Berry 2

Sunset 2-4 Elite

7th May 

FA Cup Semi Final 

Scorers: Shayana W and Alexia B

FA Cup Winners 6-3 v Scholars ISC Sunday 3rd July 2022!

Molly 2, Lexie 2, Kalie and Shanice were the scorers.

Congratulations to the Coaches and Squad!

Captain Shay Windsor receiving the FA Cup Trophy!

The New Season 2021-22 started January 9th with Sunset FC playing Elite in the Charity Shield. 

Sunset won 2-1 v Elite in the Charity Shield. 

Natalia 22nd and Alexia 75th scored the goals. Well done Ladies!

Women's League 2021-22

League Game 1 (A)

22nd January 

Sunset 13-0 Latinos

Molly 6, Chloe 2, Courtney 2, Kalie, Alexia, Taegan. 

League Game 2 (H)

30th January 

Sunset 12-0 Scholars

Ashlyn 4, Courtney 4, Molly 2, Shanice and Chloe.

League Game 3 (A)

6th February

Sunset 3-0 Elite

Molly, Chloe and Shanice

League Game 4 (H)

12th March

Sunset 6-0 Latinos

Alexia, Molly, Kalie, Kayla, Chloe 2.

Presidents Cup Semi

20th March

Sunset 3-0 Fusion 

Molly (3)

League Game 5 (A)

April 14th 

Sunset 0-1 Elite

Presidents Cup Final

April 24th 

Sunset 4-3 Scholars


Evie 2 and Lexi 2

League Game 6 (H)

May 8th 

Sunset 3-0 Latinos Forfiet.

FA Cup Semi Final

11th May

Sunset 1-1 Elite

Molly 1

Sunset win on pens 4-2

League Game 7 (A)

May 29th

Sunset 1-2 Elite

Shanice (pen)

League Game 8 (H)

June 1st

Sunset 3-1 Scholars

Lexi, Chloe, Courtney

League Game 9 (A)

June 5th 

Sunset 3-2 Fusion

Shay 3

League Game 10 (A)

June 8th 

Sunset 2-1 Fusion

Shanice and Courtney

League Game 11 (H)

June 11th 

Sunset 8-0 Scholars 

Courtney 3, Shay 2, Shanice, Molly, Lexi

League Game 12 (A)

June 18th 

Sunset 3-0 Fusion ( Fusion Forfeit)

FA Cup Final

July 3rd 

Sunset 6-3 Scholars


Molly 2, Shanice, Kalie, Lexi 2.

The Cayman Islands National Women's Team that won 2-0 v Bahamas in the CWU20 Qualifying Game in Curacao. September 13th 2021.

Molly Kehoe scored both goals. 

Back L-R: Kayla, Molly, Isla, Lexi, Ashlyn, Daniella.

Front L-R: Shay, Kat, Ethana, Riley, Evie (9/11 Sunset Players!)

Sunset Women's Team has been involved in the CIFA Leagues since 1999. They have been very successful over the past 15 seasons under the guidance of Head Coach Alan Purvis. 

For the 2020-21  season our young team was coached by Gisela Gamba and Phil Thompson. 

The Ladies finished League Runners Up and FA Cup Finalists. Congratulations to all the players and management for a very good season. 

The Women's Team January 2021.

Back Row L-R: Ashlyn E, Kayla B, Jenna E, Shayana W, Satiah M, Lauren S, Amelia G, Riley D

Front Row L-R: Kalie E, Shelby J, Pippa P, Avigail R, Chleo B-L, Hannah S, Artemis D-H.

Missing, Evie N, Ciara B, Arianna E, Molly K, Tracey C, Katriona W, Kate A, Kinsey J, Isla M, Natalie S.

FA Cup April 2021

Sunset 15-0 Latinos ( Molly 4, Chloe 4, Shay 2, Evie 2, Lexi, Sofia, Hannah)

Semi-Final May

Sunset 3-2 Roma AET (Molly 25, Chloe 55 and Chloe 118)

Final - Sunday 16th May Annex

Sunset 0-1 Elite (92nd Min)

2020-21 Season

Congratulations on Runners- Up place this season!!


Game 1: Sunset 16-0 Latinos

Game 2: Sunset 2-0 Scholars

Game 3: Sunset 0-3 Elite (forfeit) Our Girls were away on a school trip. Elite refused our request to move fixture after we gave 4 possible alternative dates.

Game 4: Sunset 0-1 Roma

Game 5: Sunset 7-0 Latinos

Game 6: Sunset 0-1 Scholars

Game 7: Sunset 3-0 Roma

Game 8: Sunset 13-0 Latinos

Game 9: Sunset 2-0 Scholars

Game 10: Sunset 1-1 Elite

Game 11: Sunset 1-1 Elite

Game 12: Sunset 3-0 Roma

Game 13: Sunset 6-1 Latinos

Game 14: Sunset 3-1 Scholars

Game 15: Sunset 5-1 Elite

Game 16: Sunset 4-0 Roma

Women's Team March 2021 who beat Elite 5-1 to take the title to the final game of the season!

2008-9 Squad

2012-13 Squad

2013-14 Squad

2016-17 Squad

Sunset FC - Honours History

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