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The Season 2023-2024

Men's Division 1 

sponsored by - Quallent Pharmaceuticals and Cayman Physiotherapy Ltd

Back Row L-R: Josh McFarlane, Matthew Campbell, Antonio Brkovic, Jermain Taylor, Devonte Whittaker, Diondre Wright , Jessie Greenfield, Kiaran Solomon, Oliver Petite, Jim Taylor.

Front Row L-R: Tarran Ebanks, Luis Clarke, Jude Egglishaw, Clement Patterson, Courtney Duval, Jason Mbakwe, James Cooper.

Missing - Youssef Ghobara, Matthew Moore, Kevin Foster, Anton Nelson, Nathan Ebanks, Robert Taylor, Justin Parsons.

League Game 1

1st November 

v Cayman Athletics

1-0 Loss

League Game 2 

18th November

v Prospect 

2-2 Draw.

Scorers - Jesse Greenfield and Courtney Duval

League Game 3

25th November

v Tigers

4-1 Loss

Scorer - Anton Nelson

League Game 4

2nd December

v East End United

4-0 Loss

League Game 5

9th December

v Brac FC

3-1 Win

Scorer: Anton Nelson 3

League Game 6

16th December

v Cayman Athletics

3-0 Win

Scorers: Jason Mbakwe 2 and Anton Nelson

League Game 7

15th Jan 2024

v Tigers

2-1 Win 

Scorers: Jesse Greenfield and Nathan Ebanks

League Game 8

20th Jan v East End 

1-1 Kieran 

League Game 9 

27th Jan 2024 v Brac FC

5-0 Win: Scorers: Kiaran Solomon 2, Anton Nelson, Tarran Ebanks and Diondre Wright. 

FA Cup Cup

1/4 Final v Brac FC

3-2 Win

Scorers: Nathan Ebanks, Diondre Wright and Tajuan McFarlane.

League Game 10

11th Feb 2024

4-0 Win v Prospect Academy

Scorers: Anton 3 and OG

League Game 11

17th Feb 2024

4-2 Win v Cayman Athletics

Scorers: Jesse Greenfield 2, James Cooper and Kevin Foster

FA Cup 1/4 final 

v Academy SC

1-1 AET Lost 4-3 on Pens.

Scorer: Ollie Petite

League Game 12

23rd March 

Prospect FC 3-0 Win 


League Game 13

13th April v Tigers 

2-0 Loss 

League Game 14

20th April 

v East End FC

2-2 Scorers : James Cooper and Nathan Ebanks.

League Game 15 

11th May v Brac

Division 2 Men's B Team 2023-24

The team is managed and coached by Freddy Kohler-Kruner and we wish them the best for the new season. 

Back L-R: Robert Taylor, Noel Squire, Micah Stephenson, Daniel Aka, Javier Whittaker, Paul Morineau, Devote Whittaker, Jayden Miller, Justin Parsons, Shimarc Fisher, Jim Taylor

Front L-R: Daniel Watkis, Nathan Morgan, Daniel Gurure, Ethan Anderson, Juan Pablo Valerio, Abe Mohamed, Liam Markman, Nathan Ebanks, Patrick Thompson.

League Game 1

v Academy Sports B 

3-1 Win

Scorers:  Nathan Ebanks, 

Justin Parsons and Patrick  Thompson.

League Game 2

v Bodden Town B

2-1 Loss

Scorer - Daniel Watkis

League Game 3

v Elite B

2-1 Win

Jim Parsons and Daniel Aka

League Game 4

v Scholars B 

3-2 Loss

Daniel Aka and Robert Taylor

League Game 5

v Scholars B

1-1 Draw

Scorer: Shimarc Fisher

League Game 6

v Academy B

1-4 loss

Scorer: Tarron Ebanks

League Game 7

v 345B

3-0 W 

Scorers: OG, Daniel Aka, Patrick Thompson

League Game 8

v Elite B


Scorer: Jim Taylor

League Game 9

v Bodden Town B

1-1 Draw

Scorer: Andrew Stewart.

League Game 10

v Academy Sports B 

2-0 Win

Scorers: Patrick Thompson and Andrew Stewart. 

The Season 2022-23

Alan Purvis is the new Head Coach and we wish Alan and the players all the best for the new season.

Unfortunately we lost 2-1 to Alliance FC  in the Play-off Final June 10th and we will play the new season in Division 1. 

President Cup Winners 2022-23

Sunset beat Bodden Town 2-1 to Win the Presidents Cup Final.

Scorers were Ces Bandini and Andy Joyner. Congratulations to Alan and his Squad. 

Sunset 1-2 Elite 


23rd October

(CIFA Field)

Scorer: Anton Nelson Pen 94th min. 

Sunset 1-1 Academy League

6th November 

(Annex Field)

Scorer: Anton Nelson

Sunset 3-0 Academy

Presidents Cup

20th November 

(East End)

Scorers: Tommy Tuohy, Anton Nelson and Andy Joyner)

Sunset 1-3 Scholars League

27th November 

(CIFA Field)

Scorer: Anton Nelson - 93rd Min

Sunset 1-2 Future

4th December

(CIFA Field)

Scorer: Maleek Powell - 75th min

Sunset 4-2 Roma

11th December

(CIFA Field)

Scorers: Nathan, Anton, Maleek, Tommy. 

Sunset 1-0 EEFC

15th January

(East End Field)

Scorer: Anton Nelson

Sunset 3-0 Future

Presidents Cup -SF

29th January 

Bodden Town Pitch

Scorers: Oliver Pettit, Anton Nelson, Clement Patterson

Sunset 1-2 Bodden Town 

5th February

CIFA Field 

Scorer - Bandini

Sunset 1 -4 Elite

12th February

CIFA Field

Scorer - Anton Nelson (Pen)

Sunset 2-1 Bodden Town 

Presidents Cup Final 

February 22nd 

Truman Bodden

Scorers: Ces Bandini and Andy Joyner

Sunset 1-3 George Town SC

6th March

FA Cup - Prelim Round

Scorer: Anton Nelson

Sunset 1-5 Academy

29th March 

CIFA Field

Scorer: Anton Nelson

Sunset 2-0 Future

April 2nd 

CIFA Field

Scorers: Rory Brodhurst and Jesse Greenfield

Sunset 3-0 Roma

16th April

Timothy McField Stadium

Sunset 0-2 Scholars

19th April

CIFA Field

Sunset 2-2 East End

April 23rd 

EE Field

Scorers: Luis and Axel

Sunset 1-1 Bodden Town (Final League Game)

April 30th 

Bodden Town Field

Scorer: James

Div 2 Men's Team (B Team)

The B Team Men are coached by Freddy Kohler-Kruner and Steve Maclaren.

League Game 1

18th November

CIFA Field

Sunset B 1-0 East End Utd B

Scorer: Luis Clarke

League Game 2

27th November

CIFA Field

Sunset B 0-2 Scholars B

League Game 3

3rd December

Bodden Town Field

Sunset B 3-1  Bodden Town B

Scorers: Luis Clarke  2, Jude Egglishaw

League Game 4

13th January

CIFA Field

Sunset B 2-1 East End Utd B

Scorers - Kiaran Solomon 2

League Game 5

27th February 

Sunset B 2-3 Elite B 

Scorers: Luis Clarke, Andrew Stewart. 

League Game 6

3rd February

Sunset B 2-3 Elite

CIFA Field 

Scorers: Ebanks-Campbell and Clarke.

League Game 7

10th February

Sunset B 0-1 Scholars B 

CIFA Field

League Game 8

3rd March 

Sunset B 2-0 East End B

East End Field

Scorers: Kiaran Solomon 2, Robert Taylor

League Game 9

21st  March 

Sunset B 2-5 Scholars B

CIFA Field 

Scorers: Luis Clarke and Kiaran Solomon

League Game 10

League Game 11

28th April

Sunset B v Bodden Town B

VP Cup

April 18th 

Sunset 2-3 345 FC

Scorer: Kiaran Solomon

Final League Position Season 2022-23. MSD. 

The Season 2021-22

Coaching Team - Standing Down.

(June 2022)

The Club would like to place on record a big thank you to Gareth Thacker and Denis Rowe who have decided to stand down from coaching the Men's Team at the end of this season. Gareth who has been with the club as a player since 2001 and Men's Head Coach since 2010 will still be involved as General Manager and oversee things from behind the scenes. Denis has been assisting Gareth since 2017. The Club wishes Denis well and thanks both of them for their hard work and dedication over these  past seasons. 

2022 FA Cup Final - Sunset v Scholars Sunday 22nd May 7pm Truman Bodden Stadium. 

Sunset FC  1-4 Scholars.

The FA Cup Final Squad - The team worked extremely hard and put on a very good performance against an excellent  Scholars Team that had only conceded 5 league goals in 14 Fixtures. Unfortunately with the game poised at 2-1 with 20 minutes to go Scholars were awarded a very soft penalty and went on to win 4-1. Congratulations to all the Squad and to Gareth and Denis for all their hard work and enthusiasm this season. 

Back L-R Denis Rowe, Assistant Head Coach, Rory Brodhurst, Andy Joyner, Maleek Powell, Luis Clarke, Anton Nelson, Dan Cargill, Adam Godfrey, Peter Boda, Dan Austin, Gareth Thacker, Head Coach.

Front L-R Nico Franca, Pablo Valerio, Miguel Monteiro, Tommy Tuohy, Devante Whittaker, Tim Womack, Jared Sims, Neil Randell, Jaden Yearwood. 

Final CPL Table

League Game 1 v East End (A)

16th January.

Sunset 1-0 East End at EE

Scorer: Luis Clarke 44 min.

MOM - Devante Whittaker and Adam Godfrey. 

League Game 2 v Future (A)

30th January. 

Sunset 1-2 Future at Ed Bush

Scorer: Anton Nelson 50 min.

MOM - Lee Parry

Cup Game v East End (A) Presidents Cup 

2nd February.

Sunset 1-6 East End

Scorer: Andy Joyner 55 Min.

MOM - Andy Joyner

(unfortunately with only 48 hours notice on the game we played with No GK and played many youngsters in the team)

League Game 3 v GTSC (H)

6th February. 

Sunset 2-2 GTSC at Ed Bush

Scorers: Rolly Bodden 33 Min, Tommy Tuohy 60 min.

MOM - Adam Godfrey.

League Game 4 (A)

20th February

Sunset 1-0 Elite

Scorer: Ollie Fearn 3rd Min.

MOM - Tommy Tuohy

League Game 5 (H)

24th February

Sunset 1-2 Academy

Scorer: Andy Joyner

MOM - Dan Cargill

League Game 6 (H)

27th February

Sunset 0-3 Scholars

MOM - Jaden Yearwood

League Game 7 (A)

6th March 

Sunset 0-3 Bodden Town

MOM - Oliver Fearn

League Game 8 (A)

13th March

Sunset 6-0 GTSC

Scorers: Anton Nelson 3, Rolly Bodden, Andy Joyner and Tommy Tuohy.

MOM - Anton Nelson

League Game 9 (H)

18th March 

Sunset 1-2 East End FC

Scorer - Rolly Bodden

MOM - Lee Parry

FA Cup Game 1st Round 

30th March

Sunset 2-1 Future

Scorers: Anton Nelson and Andy Joyner

MOM - Devonte Whittaker

League Game 10 (H)

1st April 

Sunset 1-3 Elite

Scorer: Anton Nelson


FA Cup 1/4 Final (H)

April 9th 

Sunset 5-1 Brac FC

Scorers: Anton Nelson, Peter Boda, OG, Ricardo Hepburn and Jacob McMillan - Collett

MOM: Ricardo Hepburn

FA Cup Semi-Final (H)

April 13th 

Sunset 2-0 EEFC

Scorers: Peter Boda and Rolly Bodden.

MOM: Whole Team

League Game 11

April 20th 

Sunset 1-0 Bodden Town

Scorer: Anton Nelson

MOM: Devonte Whittaker

League Game 12

April 23rd 

Sunset 0-6 Scholars

MOM - Adam Godfrey.

League Game 13

April 30th 

Sunset 4-5 Future

Scorers: Rolly Bodden 3 and Jaden Yearwood.

MOM - Rolly Bodden

League Game 14

May 8th 

Sunset 2-1 Academy

Scorers: Anton Nelson and Rolly Bodden

MOM - Whole Team. 

FA Cup Final 

May 22nd - Truman Bodden 

7pm Kick Off

Sunset 1-4 Scholars 

Scorer: Rolly Bodden

MOM - Whole Team.

Gareth Thacker

Denis Rowe

Jonny Evans

Rory Brodhurst

Lee Parry

Peter Boda

Neil Randell

Tommy Tuohy

Andy Joyner

Anton Nelson

Miguel Monteiro

Adam Godfrey

Shaun Fallan

Oliver Fearn

Ricardo Hepburn

Rolly Bodden

Devonte Whittaker

Pablo Valerio

Jaden Yearwood

Luis Clarke

Nico Franca

Maleek Powell

Dan Cargill

Tim Womack

Cayman Premier League / First Division League Play-Off Final May 9th 2021.

Winners of League Play-Off Final 2-0 Win v CASC. May 9th 2021.

Back L-R: Rory Brodhurst, Rolly Bodden, Denis Rowe (Assistant Coach), Michael Christensen, Jacob McMillan, Christian Hughes, Peter Boda, Dan Austin, Jared Sims, Miguel Monteiro, Lee Parry, Gareth Thacker (Head Coach)

Front L-R: Mark Tothfalussy, Freddy Kruner, Cameron Smith, Jamie Lawlor, Tommy Tuohy, Zach Scott, Anton Nelson, Seb Martinez, Sean Lilley.

FA Cup 1/4 Final Sunday April 25th 

Sunset FC 5-3 Cayman Athletic (Rory Brodhurst 2, Zachary Scott 2, Peter Boda)

Next Games - 

Semi Final FA Cup. Sunday May 2nd.

Sunset 2-2 Academy AET 3-4 (Zachary Scott 31, Rory Brodhurst 72, Rolly Bodden 110) 

Sunday 9th May Promotion / Relegation League  Play Off Final v Cayman Athletic 7pm Kick off Annex. 

Sunset FC 2-0 CASC (Zachary Scott, Michael Christiensen)

Week 1 - Bodden Town 1-0 Sunset FC , Week 2 - Sunset FC 1-0 Roma(Sims)

Week 3 - Sunset 1-2 GTSC (Brodhurst), Week 4 - Sunset 0-1 Latinos, 

Week 5 -  Sunset 1-2 Future (Hughes), Week 6 - Elite 0-0 Sunset FC

Week 7 - Scholars 3-0 Sunset, Week 8 Sunset FC 0-3 East End Utd

Week 9 - Sunset 2-1 Academy (Brodhurst and Bodden)

Week 10 - Sunset 0-2 Bodden Town

Week 11 - Sunset 3-2 Roma (Kruner, Lilley, Polloni)

Week 12 - Sunset 0-1 George Town

Week 13 - Sunset 3-4 Latinos (Brodhurst 2, Scott)

Week 14 - Sunset 2-3 Future ( Brodhurst, Cargill)

Week 15 - Sunset 3-4 Elite (Scott 2, Sims)

Week 16 - Sunset 0-2 Scholars

Week 17 - Sunset 1-2 East End (Bodden)

Week 18 - Sunset 1 -4 Academy(Brodhurst)

The B Team playing in the Men's First Division are coached by Alan Purvis and Freddy Kohler-Kruner. Most of the players are from the U18's. 

Week 1 Prospect 2-1 Sunset B (Small) 

Week 2 Sunset B 1-5 Alliance ( McMillan) 

Week 3  Sunset B 1-4 Scholars (Campbell) 

Week 4 Sunset B 3-3 BT (Campbell, McMillan and Powell)

Week 5 Cayman Athletic 0-1 Sunset B (Small) 

Week 6 Sunset B 5-1 Roma B (Campbell, Powell, Small 2, Johnson)

Week 7 Sunset B 2-3 Academy (McMillan 2)

Week 8 Sunset B 0-2 East End Utd B

Week 9 Sunset B 2-4 Elite B (McGeough, Campbell)

Week 10 Sunset B 1-2 Alliance (Small)

Week 11 Sunset B 0-0 Cayman Brac

Week 12 Sunset B 3-3 Prospect (Small, Godfrey, Campbell)

Week 13 Free Week

Week 14 Sunset B 2-3 Scholars ( Holmes, Small)

Week 15 Sunset B 0-0 Bodden Town

Week 16 Sunset B 2-3 Cayman Athletic (Small and Sigsworth)

Week 17 Sunset B 6-3 Roma B (Small 3, Yearwood, Subiotto, Ebanks)

Week 18 Sunset B 2-1 Academy B

Week 19 Sunset B 1-2 Elite B (Small)

Week 20 Sunset 4-2 Brac FC (Small, McGeough, Holmes, Campbell)

Men's Achievements:

1989/90 - Division 2 Winners

2002/3 - Premier League Runner's Up

2009/10 - Division 1 Winners

2018/19 - Silver League Winners

Club Polo Shirts and Playing Shirts.

Gareth Thacker - Head Coach

Denis Rowe - Assistant Coach

Andrew Bellfield - Club Treasurer

Tom Elliot- Centre Back

Tom Chipchase - Midfield

Captain  Lee Parry - GK

Dan Austin - Centre Back

Christian Hughes - Full Back

Tommy Tuohy - Midfield

Anton Nelson - Midfield / Forward

Jamie Lawlor - Midfield / Forward

Gareth Thacker - Head Coach

Rory Brodhurst - Midfield / Forward

Lee Parry - Goalkeeper

Neil Randell - Right Back

Cayman Physiotherapy Sponsorship.

Peter Boda - Midfield

Miguel Monteiro - Midfield

Luca Polloni - Midfield.

Jared Sims - Midfield.

Rolly Bodden - Forward.

Mike Christiensen - Midfield.

Paul Hennessy - Forward

Peter Boda - Midfield

Tim Womack - Left Back

Dan Cargill - Right Back

Lee Parry - GK

Freddy Kohler - Kruner - Midfield

Dan Austin - Centre Back

Christian Hughes - Centre Back

Tom Elliot - Centre Back

Team v Bodden Town October 2020

Group Photos

2019-20 Training Shirts

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